I spent four years of my life working on the film Finding Hope Now. Not only did I Produce, Production Design, and Edit the film, I also, they the help of my oldest daughter, design all of the print. A couple years after we finished the film, the first distributor that the Executive Producer went with said that the poster we made was not good and they were going to redesign it. This is what we started with, which I thought was pretty good.

They changed the cover using the distributor’s people and what they ended up with was horrible. It was so bad that the limited WalMart run that we had was ended when their buyer saw the cover (their design not mine) and said that it wasn’t professional so they chucked our film in the $5 bin.

Another year or more passed and I got a message from the director saying that the film was finally going to be available to rent or buy online, but…. the decided to change the name of the film to Streets of Hope… and they’re still using the crappy cover that they originally thought was better than the one Rachel and I created.

To quote Roy from The IT Crowd, “People! What a bunch of (insert profanity here)!”

Here’s the newly, Walmart didn’t want it, cover with the updated film title. I don’t know how it affects the opening film credits, I am afraid to rent it and look.

Streets of Hope and can be rented on Amazon Video, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and Vudu.